Posted by: Louise | April 6, 2012


Happiness is hard to define, but I think often it starts with thanks giving and contentment.

I thought Mark and I should enter a picture each into “I heart faces” monthly photo challenge. The theme is “Happiness”. This is Marks photo.


Mark took this in a squatter area near the port here in town. This elderly gentleman welcomed us onto his street and was keen to chat with us. Our presence didn’t seem like an intrusion to his privacy, or his time. He seemed genuinely happy to see us and had a contentment and presence about him that was intriguing. There was much wisdom written on his face and a happiness in his eyes. We love the people of this Island. It’s always about the person, the relationship, and not as much about the task or about time. We have much to learn from their priorities.

This photo was submitted to the I heart faces challenge.

Photo Challenge Submission
You can see more picture taken from this area here



  1. Great capture…

  2. This is such a great shot!

    I host a black and white photo contest on my blog every Wednesday (TUE midnight through THU midnight). We announced our winner this morning, but I would like to invite you to participate. Check it out and see if you would like to enter next week’s contest.

  3. I love photos like this that show so much character in a persons face…

  4. Love this picture!

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