Posted by: Mark | March 21, 2012

One day, one wonderful wife and two cameras

Just last Friday Louise arranged for the kids to be watched so that she and I could have a full-day date. She bought some lovely tasty food and put together some cool plans. Unfortunately due to different circumstances her exact plans didn’t work out but we did spend the day together taking photos at different parts of the city. We started off at a passenger wharf and market, just missed a parade that we didn’t know was on and then headed up the side of a mountain to a lovely resort. We also ended the day with a romantic dinner but we left the cameras behind at that point.

Thank you Louise for an amazing day 🙂

Attached here are some of the photos we took together.


When you pull out a camera here kids flock from everywhere and nowhere to get their picture taken. I love this photo of Louise taking pictures of the excited kids.






As you can see from the few photos above though adults were also very keen to have their photos taken

IMG_6415.jpg.png IMG_6439.jpg.png IMG_6452.jpg.png IMG_6462.jpg.png


The next few photos are of the area that the wharf is in



The above two photos are pictures of the houses built on stilts over the water


The public bath


The passenger ferry


This picture goes between two houses and is the entrance to a third. The people in the background were so excited to have their picture taken 🙂

At this point we then headed up a mountain. The view was amazing


I love these next 3 photos of Louise.




We were trying to learn a few techniques with the cameras and I snapped this one by accident. It is a photo of the same waterfall that is in the next photo.



While at the waterfall we seen some fireflies and tried to take some pictures


The next two Louise just snapped quickly and they really turned out amazing



Recently we bought a cheap extension tube for our camera to allow us to do macro photography and this was the first chance we got to use it. These pictures were taken while holding the camera so focus was tough. The first one is of a firefly and the second one of a spider we seen standing on a rock

IMG_6562.jpg.png IMG_6570.jpg.png

A few random photos from the rest of our walk

IMG_5933.jpg.png IMG_5950.jpg.png IMG_5972-2.jpg.png IMG_5972.jpg.png IMG_5973.jpg.png

Louise took this last photo on our drive back home. She was hanging out the window while taking it. I think it really shows a good contrast with a normal jeepney in the background and the really well stacked one in the foreground.



  1. you guys got some fabulous photos. i especially like some of the faces you captured. beautiful…

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