Posted by: Mark | November 28, 2011

1 Week to D-Day – Adoption update

The last time I wore a tie was the last time I went to a wedding or funeral. However, I will break from my tradition of only donning the evil strangler in the name of religion, early next Monday morning, as we prepare to get our day in court. Next Monday at around 8.30am, almost 15 months to the day since we got her, we will go to the court house here to seek the judges final approval on our adoption of Katie.

This journey has been a little longer than we had planned but it has been a fun journey as Katie has been with us the whole way. 15 months ago we picked up a little girl who could only crawl and now we have a fun loving little lass who walks and speaks English with a cute accent.

For the last number of weeks we have been praying daily that God would bless our day in court. Please join us in praying that our papers would be in order and the judge would be gracious to us and grant final approval to our adoption. If that happens next Monday we can finally lift our eyes to visiting Northern Ireland and many of you again. We will need to get an adoption certificate, birth certificate, passport, visa and air tickets which should take a few months and then we can see the 40 shades again.

As you pray with us for our court date please also join us in praise to God that Katie is in our lives and thank him for such a bundle of joy that brightens up our days.



  1. Hi Mark and Louise,

    Thank you guys for the update. Yes Mary Lynne and I will keep you in special prayer for your Court Hearing. You two are amazing parents and I know that Katie will have a wonderful and blessed home. Please let us know if we can do any thing for you. Have a wonderful and blessed day.


    Dan and Mary Lynne

    PS: Oh what is 40 Shades?

  2. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your prayers and thoughts over this week. I hope that God is blessing you guys and you are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas and plenty of presents from your sons 🙂

    People say that Ireland is a country with 40 shades of green so I just called it the 40 shades.



  3. Oh! I didn’t realize that it’s not yet “over” yet!
    Hu hu, I feel sorry that I don’t get to be with Katie on Sundays anymore…
    But will try to make her talk next time so I can listen to her cute accent.

    See you!


  4. Thinking of you all and shall pray for this very important day. Praise God indeed for family! Also thanks Louise for sharing the resource for Christmas crafts that will help keep Christ at the centre, it really is a fab find! Much love to you all Niaxxx

  5. Remembering you in our prayers. Daniel Abigail and Benaiah say hello. Hope thw homeschooling is going well.
    John and Lorraine C

  6. Best wishes for Monday and hope it all goes well. Will be lovely to see you guys and meet the new addition whenever you get here 🙂

  7. dear mark and Louise just to say Will be praying so much between now and Monday that everything falls into place perfectly for katies adoption. lots and lots of love to you all
    Paul and Shirley xo

  8. We will be praying that all goes well for you on monday and when the court is over Katie will be legaly yours.
    It is always good to hear from you, we were speaking to Mum and Dad at Ronald’s wedding, It was a nice day and we had time to talk to everyone, one advantage of a smaller wedding.
    ,love to you all ,
    George and jean.xo

  9. praying for you all…God go with you tomorrow! He’s done great things for you – and He is faithful!

    by grace,

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