Posted by: Louise | November 26, 2011


I’ve been homeschooling Ewan this year. We are hoping to return to the UK early next year and wanted to keep on track with the UK system.

All I can say is that it’s been fun, demanding, challenging and so rewarding. I love spending structured time with the kids each morning and love to see Ewan and Lydia (and even Katie) learn new things. It’s also been stretching me, shaping my priorities, and revealing my impatience! But over all, it’s been an amazing blessing. I love these little people! What a privilege to be entrusted with them.

Here’s a few photos to give you a glimpse into our mornings. We do most of our homeschool in our bedroom, where we have air conditioning. This mummy is more patient when sweat is not running down her back. I know that is a gross thought, but it’s a reality when living in a tropical climate!!


Here’s my enthusiastic student 🙂 This little guy always has some sort of plan, for some sort of adventure in his mind.


We’re blessed to be able to borrow books from the Library at the international school.


Here’s my angelic student writing and illustrating his first “book”.

And what do the girls do while I’m busy teaching Ewan? Lydia has her own “school work”. I’m using some great preschool materials that you can get on this site: Letter of the week. I don’t force Lydia to do this work. If she wants to play blocks, draw, play with play dough, “read” books, do puzzles, stick random bits of paper together, distract her brother … It’s fine with me. But generally most days she wants her own “school work” for at least the first wee while.



And Katie? She’s generally creating chaos 🙂 or trying to do what her older siblings are doing.


Lydia is also great a teaching Katie how to do the puzzles that she has mastered.


Katie loves looking at books, more than any of our other kids. She’s generally a content wee thing and often listens to me read to the older two or sits on my knee while I explain things to Ewan. She now loves to listen to Ewan read too!

But lest you think everyday is orderly, calm and serene, here’s what the floor sometimes looks like and yes Katie is still in her pyjamas. I guess getting everyone fed, dressed and school started “on time” didn’t happen this day!



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  2. you are a star doe even trying, I dont think I would have the patience, must get together sometime when are you free, from Ros

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