Posted by: Louise | October 12, 2011

Thank you Auntie Grace!

Grace kindly sent the girls matching dresses. They look so cute in them! I tried to get a decent picture of the three of kids, with the girls wearing their new dresses. Well, I wasn’t successful on the decent picture part, but I think most of us had fun!

It started with Katie not wanting to have her picture taken and the other two having a fit of the giggles


Combine the two and you get this!


Take two: We gave Katie a wee bit of space, but the other two still couldn’t stop giggling


and it only got worse when Katie decided to show me her nappy.


Eventually all three were in a fit of giggling



and I gave up on my hope of a beautiful picture when they started to pretend they were monkeys and swing off the security bars on our living room window.


So thank you Auntie Grace for the matching dresses for these wild children of ours! Maybe someday I’ll have a decent picture to send you 🙂


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