Posted by: Mark | August 30, 2011

Some photos

One of the wonderful things about living here is having photo shoots with our friend James Bautista. Louise first met him on a beach around 2 years ago and we have had many fun times together in photo shoots. We have posted other photos he has taken here and here. This time he brought along another talented friend of his, Sarah Dayrit. We had some good craic together as James and Sarah took some photos of our family. We then cooled down over some Space Burgers at SM – good times.

These are some of my favourites from this photo shoot – I am sure Louise will have hers 🙂


I love this photo. Louise likes the photo but doesn’t like my editing. There is no accounting for taste – you can decide whether it is hers or mine 🙂

IMG_3861.jpg.png IMG_3900.jpg.png

These guys love life

IMG_4023.jpg.png IMG_4524.jpg.png

U looking at me !!!

IMG_4684.jpg.png IMG_5121.jpg.pngIMG_4826_copy.jpg.png IMG_4846_copy.jpg.png

Which family portrait is better – this one or the one above it




I think this little lass laughs more than anyone I know


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