Posted by: Louise | August 10, 2011

Lydia turns 4!

I think I need therapy. I get so sad every time one of my kids gets a year older! I’m not really sure why. But anyways, the inevitable happened and Lydia turned four last week. Man I love that little girl!


We’ve learnt that when it comes to crowds of people, more is less for Lydia. So this year we took her and her “Best Friend Forever” to the pool for a “Mermaid party”.



These two pretended they were mermaids almost the entire time we were at the pool, even while eating their snacks 🙂

We finished off back at our house with a few friends for dinner – after all, we needed help eating the cake:)


Happy Birthday Lydia, I am so glad God put you in our family and allowed me to be your mummy – every-single-day.



  1. Uck guys shes a darling! so excited at the thought of getting to know all three a bit better when yas hit good old ni! give them all a wee cuddle from me.xx

  2. would you believe i had a mermaid barbie when i was younger….i know, a shock, lol…its coz i swam and shooted water out its crown on its head,lol

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