Posted by: Louise | August 5, 2011

A year later – An adoption update

Today marks exactly one year since God gave us the privilege of welcoming Katie into our family. What a wonderful year we have had with her. I really think she is the most joyful little girl I have ever met. She dances, laughs and sings a the drop of a hat. She is a real wee charmer and I love her more and more everyday. She is also the most dramatic of our three children, and likes to keep us on our toes:)

Here’s a few pictures of the fun we’ve had this last year.

eden holiday2.jpg.png

Katie a few weeks after we brought her home.

family portraits.jpg.png
Katies birthday1.jpg.png
Her first birthday!
Enjoying Ewan’s school Christmas play.
Not so sure about being kept in a buggy when the other two are riding their bikes!
A new dress and loving it!
IMG_7026.JPG.png IMG_7097.JPG.png IMG_7184.JPG.png
What a crazy and fun bunch 🙂
Water – one of her favourite places to be.
IMG_9431.JPG.png IMG_9613.JPG.png
Next and last stop on the Filipino part of the adoption train is court. We’d appreciate prayer that all goes smoothly as we have our hearing in court at the start of December.

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