Posted by: Mark | July 3, 2011

I love my wife

Tomorrow (July 4) Louise and I will have been married for 10 years. Getting past the fact that that makes us sound way older than we are, especially if you consider the 3 little people we have collected along the way, I am trying to celebrate Louise by letting her know that I love her.

Up to now I have been doing this privately but there is no reason it has to stay that way. I am extremely proud of the fact that Louise is married to me. That she is my wife. That she agreed to marry me. Personally, and many of you might agree with me, I just assumed she was a little unhinged and out of her mind. However, in living with her for 10 years (and being with her for 7 before that) I think she is actually sane, so she must really like me:)

When I look at Louise I feel that I am playing out of my league in so many ways. She is very pretty, she is smart and kind, and has a depth to her person that is not often seen. She is loving and generous and is a huge spiritual example to me. I don’t only love her, I respect her, adore her, admire her, need her and am so proud of her. I think that Louise was what God had in mind when he invented the idea of wives and women.

Thank you Louise for agreeing to marry me and for making these last 10 years top dollar. You rock.

Now that I have got all those feeling things out I can go back into my manly testosterone filled, emotionally void existence 🙂



  1. Congratulations Mark and Louise!

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