Posted by: Mark | June 29, 2011

Living life in a chorus

Recently I was looking for a song to buy for Louise so I did a little google search. The result of that google search was that a lot of people recommended a James Blunt song called You’re Beautiful. I kinda knew what the song sounded like but looked up the lyrics and was kinda confused at someone recommending this song for a wife or a girlfriend. Sure the song sound ok, if you like the sound of a banshee wearing a tight corset, but, the words really stink. The song is about a guy who sees a girl who is already with another man but still wants her. However, the whole theme of the song is that he will never be with the girl. So in short the recommendation for a song for my wife was a song about a man who would never be with a woman.

This didn’t make any sense as a recommendation. Then I wondered if it is indicative of life. Let me explain.

In the song there are a few lines in the chorus celebrating how beautiful the woman is. I think the recommenders were saying that this redeemed the whole song. Or to put it another way they were saying to me, “Your wife is so shallow that she will just hear the she is beautiful message and not the actual message surrounding these few word”. Do we live our lives the same way. Do we justify things because of a spark of good instead of looking at an action in the context of the whole? Do we justify means because of ends?

Do we say statements like:

  • “God wants me to achieve this goal so it is ok that I do this thing or that to get there even though that is against God or against my conscience”?
  • “Copying this movie to my computer is illegal but it isn’t hurting anyone so it is ok”?
  • “I know that this isn’t right but I do do all of these other things”?

Do we justify our actions by just a part (for example the chorus) or do we zoom out and look at the whole (the verses too)? I think God is whole heartily after the whole and not just the chorus. He wants a whole life of worship and not just an end goal. He wants every word of our life to sing his praises and not just a rapturous chorus in the middle or end.

Lets be people who trust in an infinite God and realise that His way is best for every part of our life, big and small, no matter what we think we are achieving in compromise. God is not shallow (neither is my wife) and he wants a whole song sung to him and won’t be duped by the chorus.


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