Posted by: Mark | June 27, 2011

Today I thank God for …

Trash (or whatever that is in British English)

When I was a boy, or back in the day, getting rid of trash was easy. We had a wheely bin that was black that lived outside the house. We had a bin under the sink that lived inside the house. The trash went into the bin inside the house. When that was full we put it in the bin outside the house. This was then transferred on a set day to the end of the lane where the nice men who sang and danced (if you don’t watch the simpson’s you won’t get that) collected it with a smile. That was then.

I believe now in NI there is a veritable rainbow collection of bins (or at least a rainbow collection from a really colourless painting). There is black for the rubbish that the green party hates, green for the stuff that we think get recycled but really just goes where the black bin goes and brown for the rotting stuff. Or at least that is what I think goes on as I don’t live there I can’t be sure. But what I am sure of is how we do it here. It used to be easy here until this week. We just collected it all together and it was taken to the end of our road sometime in the day and dumped in some bins there. That was until the green party moved from NI to this little corner of the world.

Now things are different. We have to separate our garbage so that we are encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle. We don’t have coloured bins but principal is the same. Instead of the black wheely bin we still have the bins at the end of the street. However, now we can only go there between 6pm and 9pm for some reason – still not sure why. For the green wheely bin we have a guy we affectionately know as the plastic man. Most mornings around 6.30am we get the friendly, “Good morning, maam” from our gate as he waits to see if we have any recyclables. These we have been collecting in a plastic bag in a cupboard. He takes these and puts them in his cart and cycles off to recycle. For the brown wheely bin we have the last, and newest edition to our trash collection, the compulsory compost bin or in our case, a plastic bin with holes in the bottom. This is in our back garden and just got its first meal today.

So why does this rigmarole with trash make me thankful. Well just today as we dumped two days of food waste into the compost heap I realised how blest I am in this world. In two days we created more food waste than many people had food in two days. And that doesn’t take into account all the other waste that we disposed of in different ways over those two days. Praise God I have the problem of trash disposal because that means I have enough. Thank you God for blessing me so lavishly I have enough to throw away.


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