Posted by: Louise | June 17, 2011

A walk around our neighbourhood – a few pictures

The other day the kids and I went for a walk to a new fruit stand a few streets away. I took my camera along to take some pictures of things that are (I think) unique to the Philippines.


Here are two ladies cutting fire wood in an empty lot on our street.


We don’t have our own bins here, instead there are a group of them at the end of each street.


Recycling is talked about here too!


And this guys goes around collecting things that can be recycled.


We met him again, just around the corner, looking through these bins for anything that could be recycled or that is valuable.


There were a fair few of these tricycles about. They can take your where you want to go, if it’s just a short distance.

If you want to go somewhere a bit further, you need to ride a Jeepney


or why not just jump on the back of a lorry?


Here’s Ewan and Lydia posing beside a small Jeepney


Katie doesn’t always know what to do with all the love she gets from her sister!


As you can see I got distracted from taking pictures of things that are uniquely Filipino!

There are normally a fair few animals around. The normal dogs and cats, but also cow tied up grazing next to the bins,


and a chicken with her chicks contained under a laundry basket!


We love walking around our streets. You just never know what you might see!


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