Posted by: Louise | June 13, 2011

Sometimes we just need a change of scenery

We were having “one of those days” were the kids were kind of squabbling and grumpy. Or maybe it was me who was feeling grumpy. Either way, I knew we all needed a change of scenery. And what better place to go, than to Daddy’s office with a picnic lunch, to be enjoyed outdoors in this traditional Nipa Hut.



Ewan is getting pretty good at copying the way he sees people squat here,


it’s the perfect position to launch yourself into the air from



and work off some of those wriggles we’d been dealing with all morning (yes his T-shirt is on back to front – like I said, it was “one of those days!”)


Katie always finds her brother quiet amusing, and Lydia was happy to to “hang out” on the playground.


(Yes, she is wearing a strange combination of a dress AND a skirt and yes, I did let her got out in public wearing it – again, like I said, it was “one of those days!”)

The change of scenery was just what we needed. We all ran/hung/jumped off some energy and returned home, slightly less grumpy and blessed to be able to eat lunch with Daddy.



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