Posted by: Louise | June 9, 2011

Making Pizza Ewan and Lydia style

It’s becoming a common activity to make pizza on our family nights. “Many hands make light work”, right? Well maybe not when the “hands” belong to a 5, 3 and 1 year old. But their hands do tend to bring lots of fun!

So here’s how to make pizza Ewan and Lydia (and Katie) style:

1) Mum makes the pizza dough in advance

2) When dough is ready get Dad to cut it into our favourite shapes (of course Lydia requested hearts!)


3) Put on your apron and chefs hat and get really excited. We’ll just ignore she is sitting on the bench – ok?!


4) Put on your own pizza sauce


with a little help from Daddy if you need it.


5) Add your favourite toppings

IMG_7531.JPG.png IMG_7532.JPG.png

and get your mum to put it in the oven.

6) Help with clean up (of which there is a lot of!) and setting the table while the pizza cooks.


7) Happily take your pizza to the table and devour it (and eat the salad because “I have too”)!



Yes, there are mushrooms on Ewan’s pizza. This little boy gets excited when I serve him mushrooms, broccoli or asparagus – crazy little boy.



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