Posted by: Louise | June 6, 2011

It’s been a while, but I’m still counting

I haven’t blogged my gratitude list in a while. I’m still hunting for God’s goodness to me everyday. Some days I look more diligently than others. I’m never sorry when I take the time to look and be aware of His goodness. Here’s today’s list.

  1. Mark is gone and I feel a peace, a calm, a slowing and lowering of my own imposed exceptions (I normally feel a little “on edge” when he is gone)
  2. In return we have a happy home with
  3. lego trains completed together,
  4. butterflies colored pink,
  5. simple puzzles amusing Katie,
  6. a picnic snack at the park shared with delightful friends,
  7. books read at the library,
  8. Lunch at McDonalds
  9. A little boy who spends the money he earned on a toy for his sister
  10. a long period of content and happy play at the Mcdonalds play place
  11. Two girls napping and Ewan and I curled up with Secret Seven
  12. Two sisters that call one after the other
  13. A walk to the new fruit stand to buy pineapple, mango, papya, bananas – what a blessing!
  14. A stop at the store to buy a small bit of chocolate each
  15. Leftovers for dinner
  16. A call from Mark that interrupts our leftovers – calls from Daddy are the best type of calls!
  17. And no more housework done than a few loads of laundry on the line and a few dishes left in the drying rack – but much fun just being together all day long.
  18. Three children that go to sleep without a peep
  19. Time to work on editing Sunday School Shellbooks in preparation for “testing” them on friends tomorrow. What a privilege

I love to look back on each day and reflect on the good and the hard and thank God for them both – trusting Him in them both.

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  1. i really miss those trips to the fruit stand for mangoes, bananas, papaya, etc!

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