Posted by: Mark | June 1, 2011

The opulent ability to give

Louise recently sent me this link and I thought it was an interesting read. The conclusion of this short post is:

“Our mere ability to give is opulence”

*Opulence means (if you weren’t completely sure like me): ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish.

Do we ever consider our lives like that just because we have the choice of what to spend our money on, have “extra” in our lives and still have money left over to give away.

As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben (or Voltaire if you don’t like movies) said before he died:

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Or more importantly as Jesus said:

“To whom much is given much will be required”

Whether you read this post and learn about the living conditions of the little girl this lady sponsors may or may not effect you now in your life. Whether you take what you have been given and use it to bless others is eternally relevant. Whether you actually click on the link in her blog to find out which kids still need sponsors in the Philippines can have an effect now in someone else’s life who really needs it. Whether or not you share your opulence will have an effect eternally in yours.

Read this lady’s post at



  1. If you would like a good cry, read the story of Grandma Ida and her Angel at
    (For us Brits, US$28 is about £18 or 60p per day)

    If you want to have a few hours filled with joy and hope, look through their photos at

    philippines map

    The small print on one of the photos shows that 6087 of the 57192 Compassion children in the Philippines are still waiting for a sponsor. It could be you!

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