Posted by: Louise | June 1, 2011

Compassion Bloggers – in the Philippines.

Ha! I sent the link below to Mark and he clearly thinks the same way as me and decided to post a blog about it! I didn’t realise and also wrote a post – so here’s my version, with a few more links. Clearly this is something that we both care about – I love that God works in both our hearts and often about the same issues.


Compassion International have a group of bloggers checking out their work in the Philippines this week – click here to get a link to visit each blogger. If you don’t know about Compassion check out their ministry on their blog here.

We have seen first hand the impact that sponsoring a child can make through people like Richard. We also know that Compassion really do work with the local church and it’s more than just a social outreach. They are known for having good financial integrity and I’ve talked first hand with families whose lives have been blessed by this ministry.

If you have time, I’d love you to read this post. It was good for me to read her words. After 7 years here (7 years last week!) I have to admit I’m rarely surprised by living conditions here anymore. I don’t know why my heart has got so complacent about it all.

“Lord, how I need your heart of compassion to replace my selfish heart of stone.”

I’m also reminded to be content and to keep allowing God to redefine what “need” means to me. Timely reminders as I think about moving home where I know that I will be tempted to be more concerned about appearance (of my home, my children, myself….) and “things”.

“Lord help me to fix my eyes on you and eternity. May I live for and desire your Glory alone and not comfort, connivence or mans praise.”



  1. Wrote about it too! Emily of Chatting at the Sky is on the trip. She has become a good friend. Hoping to meet her in October in real life.

  2. Don’t fret! I think you are too busy actually helping the poor on your doorstep, to have time to be complacent. Time to write a letter to Richard 🙂

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