Posted by: Louise | May 11, 2011

The days are slipping by

Do you ever want to freeze time? To just press pause and enjoy and linger for a little while longer? My days have been filled with moments like these lately. Moments with the precious people God has put in my life. Joyful, affectionate, and naughty little people.


I know that I can’t stop these days from slipping by too fast. As I watched Ewan run off into Holiday Bible Club without even hesitating or looking behind, I realised he’s getting more independent everyday. As I watch Lydia colour in between the lines and be so proud, I wonder how can she be turning four in a few months time. And I try to remember that everyday is a gift to be unwrapped by staying present and connected with my Maker and the creation He has put into my charge for these few short years.


Even the days when things are too noisy, or messy or grumpy or crazy hot, I need to remember that those are the days I need to stay present the most. To pray, to thank, to hold, to encourage, to challenge them and myself to not allow the days to simply slip by, but to unwrap each one and use it for it’s purpose and to use it to it’s full potential.


He is the giver of all things, and He works them out for my good, and I am thankful.


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