Posted by: Mark | May 10, 2011

Adoption update

It has been a couple of months since we wrote about where we are at with our adoption, the last update was here, so I thought I would bring everyone up to date so that you can continue to be with us in spirit and prayer.

As we mentioned the last time we had just had our last social worker visit. We want to thank the DSWD, and especially our social worker, for their professional and friendly help in the process so far. A few weeks after that last visit from our social worker we received an affidavit from Manila stating that they were happy with us to proceed to the courts stage of our adoption.

As soon as we received this letter (without even going home) we went to our lawyer here and talked about the next steps. As is always the case in these matters we had to gather together a lot of paper. Everything we had given to the DSWD and a little more for good luck. When it was all gathered together it was several inches thick.

We took this again down to our lawyer (who has been so helpful) and he organized it all, checked it, and wrote up a petition. When we got to this stage we unfortunately were one piece of paper short and had to wait a little while longer as we contacted another government body who were thankfully very efficient and helpful and got the certificate to us fairly quickly.

As I write this we are at the stage where we have to duplicate our submission, sign it and then leave it in our lawyer’s capable hands. He will take these papers and present them to the courts and we will wait on our day in court.

Please be in prayer with us that this final stage before Katie is legally ours will be efficient, straight forward and quick. When we finish with this stage we will have to collect some papers, get a passport and a visa and then we can get on the big planes to visit our family and friends in NI and introduce Katie Jones. Pray that God watches over us through all of this and that he gives us and our solicitor wisdom at every step.

God very clearly led us as a family in this direction and we at all times seek his continual leading so we can glorify Him.



  1. Praying for you all.

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