Posted by: Mark | May 3, 2011

Today I thank God for …


I am so thankful to God for my little princess. I am not sure why but God in his infinite wisdom seems to have given to Louise and I the two most beautiful little girls in the world – when I get to heaven I will have to thank Him and ask Him why 🙂

Lydia is such a pleasure to be around. She has a very large generous and helpful heart and always brightens my days. When I arrive home she is normally the first person to come running out the door with her hands up in the air screaming “Daddy” – makes coming home worth while 🙂

In short Lydia rocks.

I thought it would be fun, as I did with Ewan, go look back on a few photos of Lydia to see how God has physically shaped her. If you want to know how her personality and spiritual nature are coming along you will have to take a long time to get to know Lydia for her to talk to you – she is our little introvert 🙂

birth 013.jpg.png
1 August 2007 (a few minutes after Lydia was born)


early August 2008 (in Northern Ireland)


1st August 2009


1st August 2010


March 2011


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