Posted by: Louise | April 25, 2011

Frugal and fun activities for kids – A nature activity

I’m always on the look out for fun activities for our kids. Ones that don’t cost much, don’t require lots of preparation from me and that will keep them happily entertained for a reasonable period of time. Here’s one activity that was educational, free and very enjoyable for kids and Mum! Ewan calls it our “science experiment”.

1) First of all you need to grab a basket, take your kids for a walk and look for flowers, leaves, berries etc.



We were on holidays in the middle of a beautiful nature park, so it kind of leant itself to this activity, but I think a walk in the woods, or down a country road would also work. We tried to only lift flowers that had already fallen on the ground – although some little fingers found it hard to resist bright pink flowers that were still attached to it’s plant!!!

2) Take time to look at each flower/berry/leaf and talk with your kids about it’s colour, shape, smell, texture, size… It’s amazing what you notice when you take the time.

3) Talk about how amazing God must be to be able to create such beautiful things by just the power of His words.

4) Sort out the flowers into different piles according to colour and look very pleased with yourself about it!


4) Take a pestle and mortar (or plastic bowl and stick) and beat, grind and bang the petals, leaves or berries. This is Ewan’s favourite part. He was feeling pretty sick this day and still managed to muster the energy to get involved in this part.



5) Pause from your flower grinding to put two pink flowers in your hair and look ridiculously happy about it (this step is optional)


6) Put your squashed flowers into a container of water and shake vigorously and watch the water change colour. We even had one plant that created bubbles in the water!

This is the second time we have done this activity and the kids seem to absolutely love it. The basket and supplies were the first things the kids wanted to pack for our holiday and they finished the activity off the next day when we got home.

Fun, educational, time consuming and free! That’s a good combo in this house.


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