Posted by: Louise | April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday with imagination

We’ve been enjoying our Resurrection Eggs and the first one was about Palm Sunday. After opening the egg and reading the story from the Bible the kids and I decided to act it out to reinforce the story.   

The first time we used plastic donkey’s, lego men and Duplo blocks. We put the Donkey and her colt on one side of the room. I read the story from the Bible bit by bit and we acted it. First ‘two disciples” went to get the Donkey’s and bringing them to Jesus. Then we made a path of green duplo blocks for palm trees (my kids have great imaginations!) and different coloured blocks for garments. As the donkey and “Jesus” rode along we all sang “Hosannah”.

Not satisfied with that we took it outside. I cut down some leaves and we acted it all out again using our hobby horse.


Katie just loves music and danced and danced waving her leaf as we sang 🙂


Everyone had to have a turn


Even Katie gave it a try with her leaf. She makes me laugh 🙂

I think this mornings activities probably confirmed for my neighbors that I’ve completely lost the plot!! But the story definitely got rehearsed and discussed and of course played over and over again since we did this last Tuesday.


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