Posted by: Mark | April 11, 2011

Suffering vs God

Why does God allow suffering?

That question is huge and highly emotionally charged. Everyone knows that at times life sucks and terrible things happen. I am not giving an answer here but just today have watched a few videos of what people have said about God at the other end of a tragic event. One thing is sure, that in suffering God is there helping the suffering, caring for them, and bring them closer to himself. God is glorifying Himself in the midst of the suffering.

I didn’t see any way to embed these videos so I can only provide links: – a kid involved in a accident (told from his mothers perspective) – this lady talks of how she was raped as teenager and how she realized that in God she was pure – this lass talks of how her relationship with Christ is helping her through an eating disorder – this guy talks of his salvation after his wife was murdered – this couple were divorced, then found Jesus and remarried

There are other videos but these are the only ones I have watched.

PS I just noticed this ( on the same subject in a blog I follow. I have not listened to it but Matt Chandler is someone I have always enjoyed listening to in the past and he talks from personal experience.

PPS On a side note this is a really neat use of multimedia to let people talk of how God has worked in their life personally and share it with the world to make His name famous


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