Posted by: Mark | April 8, 2011


I can still remember the day my math teacher asked the question – “What is the square root of -1”. And being the polite intelligent student that I was I answered there wasn’t one to which she proceeded to tear down all the solid walls of truth in my life by saying I was wrong. There was one and it was an imaginary number called i. It rocked my belief in math that day. How could someone just imagine a number? Stupid.

Well it appears now that the idea of 1 being a definitive number is not even true. Follow this logic:

x=0.99.. (the 9s recur forever)


9x=9 (deleting one x from each side)

x=1 or 1=0.99..

Stupid math.

PS There is no real relevance to todays post.

PPS For those that are interested this appears to be true. The logic being that if you have two numbers (lets call them x and z), then to prove them different you have to find another number (lets call it x) such that either y<x<z or y>x>z so that it can be implied that either y<z or y>z. When you take x=1 and z=0.99.. there is no middle number therefore x=z. At least that is what I read.

PPPS Now do you feel more intelligent or do you feel you just wasted 5 minutes reading this?



  1. Like it! I’ve been playing with numbers myself – see

    Blessings, John

  2. Wow Mark,

    That was good. What a way to end a week. You guys are awesome have a wonderful and blessed weekend.


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