Posted by: Louise | April 6, 2011

Bible Memory for Children – The Armour of God Part 2

Months ago, I wrote about the fun we had memorising the Armour of God verses with the children. I explained how we had made this:


and I said I would tell you the other activities we did for these verses. We ended up not doing too many more, because the posters with the stick on Armour were so effective and kept their attention for the duration of the verses. But here are the few other things that we did to reinforce them.

1) We downloaded the “Amour of God” song from an album called Scripture Rock Vol 3. You can search for it on iTunes.

2) Ewan and I did a craft that involved cutting out the pieces of Armour and sticking them onto a man. You can find it here

3) We made shields and swords from cardboard and painted them. I sewed them each a ‘Belt of truth” with a velcro fastening so it was easy for them to take on and off. Ewan was way more interested in this than Lydia and still has his in our dress up box.

4) Mark lead family devotions on each bit of Armour. He did a great job in explaining them to us all and the kids enjoyed it when he turned our kitchen table on it’s end and pretended it was a massive shield. We couldn’t get our “fiery arrows” anywhere near him :).

Ewan loved this whole theme and we have talked a number of times about him “keeping his shield of faith up” and about the reality of spiritual warfare. It’s been a fun topic for our little guy.


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