Posted by: Louise | April 5, 2011

Trying to learn how to redeem my time from neglect, apathy and inattentiveness.

“I redeem time from neglect, and apathy and inattentiveness when I swell with thanks and weigh the moments down and it’s giving thanks to God for this moment that multiplies the moments, time made enough”

Ann Voskamp One Thousand Gifts – A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

  1. The Suffering and the Sovereignty of God book by John Piper
  2. For God gifting John Piper with a mind that can grasp and explain truth in His word.
  3. For a discussion guide for the above book
  4. That Desiring God Ministries gives free PDF copies of their books and discussion guides
  5. For friends to chew through the book with
  6. For God stretching my view of him
  7. For a sleepless night – God not allowing me to settle for my view of Him, but drawing me to know Him more
  8. A final social worker visit that went really, really well
  9. Three hours with three kids in the mall. They obeyed and I actually almost enjoyed shoe shopping
  10. Lydia’s delight at every pink, sparkled, high healed shoe in the shop
  11. Finding superman fabric
  12. Banana cream pie
  13. God protecting us during Mark’s trip to another Asian country.
  14. Ewan’s desire to be the man of the house and sort out the mouse problem while Mark was gone
  15. Ewan’s reaction when the mouse that ran under the oven ran out again when he stuck the brush under it – priceless
  16. A fun time getting photos of our three together
  17. For a friend walking by our house at the prefect time so he could take a photo of the four of us that the social worker needed.
  18. Play dough
  19. A picnic with friends
  20. God answering prayers and giving Mark perfect peace before a presentation
  21. A few hours alone
  22. Friends who looked after my kids to give me a break while Mark was gone
  23. Ewan being off school for a week and lazy mornings
  24. Library books
  25. Cuddles while reading library books
  26. Sunday lunch with friends
  27. Sunday afternoon Uno games
  28. Mark making a huge pot of curry. Enough to share with friends and have meals in the freezer.
  29. Dinner guests and enjoyable conversations
  30. A child that cries in pain almost all night – in the morning she says “you held me on your shoulder”, “you cuddled me when I was crying”. I got to show her I care for her.
  31. Relationships that make me grow.
  32. A clear mind to think about work related things when I needed it.
  33. Someone willing to take my job when we leave.
  34. Free children’s classics on the Kindle, 10 new books to read to Ewan for free!
  35. Time to read 4 chapters of Alice and Wonderland and 7 chapters of Pinnoccio, to a boy that has no limit to his imagination.
  36. Children (and consequently parents) who memorized verses A-M
  37. Taking kids to a play place: them having so much fun and me getting a chance to get started on studying Colossians for Bible study.
  38. John MacAruthus study guide on Colossians and Philemon.
  39. Little girls that clap, fall and giggle loudly over and over again
  40. Lydia reading to Katie in the mornings while I do the breakfast dishes
  41. Children calling me to take an x-ray (photo) during their pretend play
  42. Lydia’s constant delight in all things pink and fluffy.
  43. Buckets of water, dish soap and paint brushes
  44. Beads and elastic thread
  45. Stamps, ink and a little boy who makes a newspaper.
  46. A little girl who is a loyal friend
  47. A little girl who loves to share.
  48. The older two playing at a friends while Katie and I nap.
  49. A football game to watch as a family
  50. Fun times making pizza together.
  51. Lemon cheese cake bars
  52. Leche flan
  53. A helper that does a great job looking after children while I work for a day
  54. An unplanned, unexpected play date for my kids where the mums came too. A chance to think again about “Suffering and the Sovereignty of God”
  55. A doctor,
  56. A physical therapist
  57. Medicine
  58. Re-reading this list and seeing God’s love, regaining perspective.
  59. Cold water to drink
  60. Two blonde pig tails
  61. A trolly full of groceries
  62. School fees paid in full
  63. A fall- God’s protection – it could have been so much worse.
  64. Time to hold and sooth Ewan
  65. A neck wound that heals quickly
  66. A boy who spontaneously thanks God for healing, making no fuss, just part of a conversation and carries on with his activity
  67. God challenging me to “speak the truth in love”
  68. A friend who modeled true humility and grace
  69. Children who excitedly pack bags
  70. Friends for Sunday lunch. Great fun, good conversations, burdens shared, content children that play nicely…….
  71. Friends that come from afar bearing chocolate from the UK!!!
  72. Chats about theology and God around the lunch table
  73. Late night talks with Mark about God, sovereignty, suffering, and mothering
  74. That God gave our children two parents and not just me
  75. A special offer: discounted room rate and free evening meals for everyone
  76. A clean place to stay and warm water showers
  77. Beautiful, beautiful mature tress
  78. Pinecones
  79. Peacocks
  80. Deer
  81. Baby deer that delight
  82. Content children feeding deer for hours
  83. Learning with the children about how deer families work
  84. A long beautiful walk
  85. Adventurous climbing (and safety)
  86. A little girls who walks and walks without complaining
  87. Crackers and cheese
  88. Trail mix
  89. Pink flowers to delight Lydia
  90. A garden with more variety of flowers than I have ever seen before
  91. The chance to talk to the children about God’s amazing creation
  92. “Science experiments” and amazed children and mum
  93. Kicking a ball about with daddy
  94. Pony rides
  95. Ziplines
  96. Lydia being brave enough to “do it all by myself”
  97. A rainy day, a sick child and lots of rest
  98. Feeling COLD
  99. Fresh salads
  100. Home made pizza – one each in various shapes
  101. New energy to invest in the children
  102. Lots of different play mates all week long.
  103. A Paddling pool
  104. Giant bubbles
  105. Excited giggling girls
  106. Chest infections healed
  107. A mum that cares and calls
  108. A long chat with someone I love
  109. Boys that play contently
  110. Company for supper
  111. Homemade garlic bread swirls
  112. Slow cookers meals
  113. A freezer full of meals prepared in advance
  114. A another night to meet, think, pray and discuss deep things
  115. For God revealing more of himself to each of us over this past month.
  116. For friends who are wrestling with the same things as I
  117. Yellow Cab Pizza
  118. Hide and seek
  119. Scavenger hunts
  120. Children that want to help and be involved in everything I bake – all three children now!
  121. News that a much prayed for and anticipated bit of paper is in the post
  122. Time to exercise two days in a row.
  123. A birthday party – 90 years! and a large family that loves and respects her greatlyholy experience


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