Posted by: Mark | March 30, 2011

Martin Bashir interviewed on his interview with Rob Bell

This is a little bit of a roundabout but this is an interview with Martin Bashir on his interview a week or so ago with Rob Bell.

I am impressed with Martin Bashir’s interview preparation technique and a few points he mentions here are so crucial to remember in our search for truth. He emphasizes that a journalists duty is to search for and discover the truth and not to push a given agenda. I get the impression as well that he follows this through to his life outside his journalism. It is crucial in our life that we don’t pick the easy things, the popular things or the most convenient things but search for the truth in every situation and when we find it be willing to change our stance based on it. What is the point in doing it another way? Is it beneficial to follow a lie? I know that the common educated belief nowadays is there are no (or very few) absolute truths (post-modernism) but to be honest common sense screams the opposite.

The second thing that he mentions is his belief that no truth is beyond question. Every belief and thing we cherish should stand up to debate. We should always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is within us (1 Peter 3.15). This is very much related to the first point and should map a path in our life whereby we are always on a journey to better understand or expose the truths we hold dear.

You can listen to this interview here:


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