Posted by: Mark | March 27, 2011

Summer holidays have begun!! Part 3

One of the tasks we had on this holiday was to attempt to get a photo of all three of our kids together for a new frame my parents have bought. As if they don’t have enough photos already!! This is not an easy task but here is another attempt.


We have already shown a few photos of our deer feeding times but since this was at least 3-4 hours of our holiday a few more photos are required.

IMG_7043.jpg.png IMG_7052.jpg.png

These photos are of what we assume to be the king (in bambi speak) as he was the only one we could feed as he chased the others away and they were all scared of him. He even chased the babies away – mean king. Ewan and Lydia were quite cross with him by the end.






The neat thing about doing this activity was that Louise and I could sit on a rock while the kids all got over excited at the deers again and again eating the leaves, grass and berries from them. They were happy and we got to sit – so we were happy.

One of the other big activities we did was to go on a nature walk. The walk is laid out by the park and is around 4km. We thought this wouldn’t be that hard but boy were we wrong. After what we reckon was around 2km of it we got back up onto the road and made our way home with tired kids and parents. To be fair to the kids they were not in full health so they really did well.




I decided to climb up a few rocks to see what was above them. Once Ewan seen me he so wanted to climb too so we thought why not. However, as soon as he started we were shocked by Lydia as our little shy nervous girl asked to climb too. So in the spirit of encouragement we helped her climb as our nerves sat on their edges. The kids loved it – it was their favorite part of the walk.


Katie also had fun at the pond at the bottom of our climb. She is such a pleasant easy going little girl.



The walk was full of cool little bridges and other neat things from nature as well. It was exciting walking across this rope bridge and of course kissing mummy in the middle.


As Katie is still quite a slow walker and not really able to do walks like this I ended up carrying her most of the way. By the end we were firmly joined in a bond of sweat.


One the walk in one of Ewan’s tired moments Lydia managed to surgically remove the binoculars from Ewan and have a go. Lydia did have her own set but they lasted just short of one day before they were lost!!




Just a few other cute photos. In the one above we are all showing Ewan some love.



  1. STUNNING pics in the first 3 parts of your summer holidays blog… LOVING reading all the biz and keeping up with what is going on in your GORGEOUS family. You SERIOUSLY warm my heart every time I see the 5 of you. God is SO good!

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