Posted by: Mark | March 26, 2011

Summer holidays have begun!! Part 2.

To fully appreciate the break this holiday was it is necessary to set the scene. We currently live our lives in the tropics so to get a feeling of our lives it would require you to spend most of your day in a sauna with the relief of a steamy shower room at night. To go to the mountains like we did allows us to live for a few days without constant sweat on our bodies – a much pleasanter way to smell!!

The deal that we got at the mountain retreat place was that we had a lovely breakfast and dinner provided. The food that they fed us was grown organically on the retreat grounds – it is also sold in the malls in town. It was a little different than what we were used to but very tasty indeed. As a result of not having lunch picnics were a part of our life and being us we didn’t eat so healthily. Snack food were the staple with a some crackers and cheese for the healthy part 🙂



Lydia with a lovely happy full mouth of marshmallows

IMG_6796.jpg.png IMG_6798.jpg.png IMG_6801.jpg.png IMG_6804.jpg.png

For this snack I had the camera and I think I was very successful at getting pictures of the most important people in my life IMG_6814.jpg.png

This little guy showed up under our picnic mat. We seen lots of them on our trip. We had no idea what it is called but it looked nasty enough for us not to hold him. IMG_6817.jpg.png

This was the view from one of our picnics. It was spectacular and looked down on the city where we live.



Again our peacock friends were part of our days. The bottom one was a pure white one and had a tail that Louise described as looking like lace. IMG_6914.jpg.png






For those of you who have been to this resort you will know that these zip lines are a major attraction. Ewan loves them. Later on Lydia and Katie got some goes too. Ewan was so adventurous as he sat normally on them, clung on with his arms and stood up. It was amusing seeing some reactions from other people as they seen this little kid being a dare devil and at times I am sure the looks on Louise and my faces were amusing too 🙂


The first time we did the zip lines this was our little Lydia. She just wasn’t into them. Eventually by the end she was whizzing up and down herself.


And what holiday would be complete without chocolate?



  1. Love the photos especially Mark. The black and white of the peacock is fantastic as is the catapillar. Very cool, photographically.

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