Posted by: Louise | March 25, 2011

Summer Holidays have begun!!!

Ewan finished P1 (kinder 1) last Friday and we are all excited that he will be home for the summer holidays! We found out that our favourite place to visit has a offer on till the end of the month. We can’t resist a bargain! So for our summer holidays this year we headed to the mountains for three nights and four glorious days. The cooler weather, clean air, no traffic, beautiful flowers, mature trees, random peacocks and three energetic children, made for a very fun and somehow relaxing few days.

Typically when we go somewhere Mark has driven and is ready to rest, while I’m ready to explore. So I put Katie down for a nap, and Mark and Ewan (who was feeling sick 😦 ) stayed in our room with her, while Lydia and I went off on a walk. I’m so glad to have someone to go exploring with 🙂


There were two peacocks that seemed to hang out outside our room. The kids were fascinated by them. I have to admit, I found them pretty fantastic looking. They were kind of loud though. I found it funny when Ewan got annoyed at them one morning and said “stop making so much noise, I want some peace and quiet”. Kind of ironic as he is our constant little noise maker 🙂


We didn’t have to walk far to meet what was the highlight of our trip for all our kids.


We spent a fair amount of time feeding these deer everyday.


The little baby deer caused pure delight on Lydia’s face. Despite the stunning natural beauty around me, I found it hard to stop taking pictures of one of my favourite pieces of God’s creation:




I think Lydia is going to be like me and just love exploring what God has made. “God made this so pretty” was one of my favourite quotes from her this holiday. She said it every time we came across a new type of pink flower 🙂 One day she agreed with me that God had put very beautiful colours into the peacock, but added that it wasn’t as pretty as the pink T-shirt she was wearing!!


Nap time was over and Katie was very happy to be with us in our new surroundings – we are so thankful to God for the emotional growth we see in Katie all the time.


Ewan was pretty attached to his binoculars for most of our trip 🙂


Here’s my attempt to get a picture of the three of them, as requested by granny for her new photo frame…. We’ll keep trying!



  1. Looks like you had a great time at Eden Park! I love the colors in the peacocks and the smiles on your kids faces. 🙂

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