Posted by: Louise | March 9, 2011

Adoption update and a few photos

If you get our prayer news you will know that we asked you all to pray that our social worker would make her final visit and a few days later she did! Yeah! We are thankful for answered prayer. Thank you if you were one of the people that prayed for us. We are now waiting for our letter of approval for Social Services, which will allow us to apply for our court date to make Katie’s adoption final! She is very much our baby in our hearts but I’m looking forward to her being legally ours forever πŸ™‚

The social worker called the evening before she came and asked me to have some recent family photos ready for her. Two problems with this. Number 1 – Mark was in a different country. Number 2 – I hadn’t really taken any pictures of the kids since Christmas – gasp, shock, horror, I know! How could I not have taken ANY decent pictures of the kids since Christmas (which was the last time we gave the social worker pictures)! My camera is practically surgically attached to me. But it appears that I had a photo taking lapse.

Well problem number one could not be overcome, but with the help of Ewan and a friend that happened to walk by at just the right time, we managed to get a few new pictures for the social worker. Here’s a sample, with Ewan helping, you can never be sure of what you are going to get πŸ™‚


Katies favourite thing to do these days and big sister has a high tolerance for repetition!


“Butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths!”




Big brother loves to give big hugs. Not sure Katie is that keen on them πŸ™‚


Or the kisses!!


Ewan took this picture – I thought it was pretty impressive for a five year old…


And that this one was even better…


Well ok, maybe he needs a wee bit more practice before he turns pro πŸ™‚


Thanks to Mr H walking by at just the right time, we got one of the four of us together.

Praise God the visit went really well. I was telling the social worker that Katie loves to play with play dough. She didn’t know what that was, so I got it out to show her. This promptly lead to three children playing contently with play dough and it lasted for most of her visit. She left with a recipe for homemade play dough and a handful of very recent and up to date photos!



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