Posted by: Mark | March 2, 2011

The way I want to love my wife

One of the great priveleges of being young (ish) in life is that there are so many people who have lived life more than you and had more experiences that you can learn from. Recently I followed a few links from another one of Justin Taylor’s blog posts and read of such a wonderful example of marital love.

In 1990 Robertson McQuilkin resigned his post as president of Columbia Bible College and Graduate School, in order to care for his beloved wife Muriel, who stopped recognizing him in 1993 and went to be with the Lord in 2003 at the age of 81

I pray that in God’s sovereign plan for Louise she never has to go through a disease like this but an even greater prayer is that I will be man enough to be the best husband to her no matter what happens in her life. That I may love her so unexplainably that to be with her even when she can’t love me back will be a pleasure and a desire. May I always stand true to my vow of “for better or worse”. May I be able to say something like this at all times:

Valentine’s Day was always special at our house because that was the day in 1948 Muriel accepted my marriage proposal. On the eve of Valentine’s Day in 1995 I read a statement by some specialist that Alzheimer’s is the most cruel disease of all, but that the victim is actually the caregiver. I wondered why I never felt like a victim. That night I entered in my journal: “The reason I don’t feel like a victim is—I’m not!” When others urged me to call it quits, I responded, “Do you realize how lonely I would be without her?”

May all us as husbands aim to follow this example.

I love you Louise 🙂

To read more about this guys experience you can go to the following articles:

Or watch the video of his resignation as president of columbia Bible College:


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