Posted by: Mark | February 16, 2011

Cancer Sucks. God Reigns.

I have just watched two hugely inspiring videos. You need to watch them. I found them on the following blog – but have also attached them below.

I have written before of a guy called Matt Chandler who is suffering from brain cancer. The following video is a two set and is again about cancer. This time the guy dies. The first video is of the man, Zac Smith, a 33 year-old IT professional who is married with three kids (sound familiar?). It is taken before he dies. The second video is of his wife after Zac is dead. Praise God that through these people God’s name is glorified and we can see real faith in action.

God is still God and God is still good – always.



  1. Thanks for posting these videos. It is helping me through my own grieve at the loss of a member of our church. She died two days ago after being hit by a car just outside the church after the evening service. She was the mother of three children. She sat just in front of our pew the night. She was 56.

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