Posted by: Louise | February 1, 2011

The moments will add up.

“There is a way to live the big of giving thanks in all things. It is this: to give thanks in this one small thing. The moments will add up”

Ann Voskamp One Thousand Gifts – A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

My list of thanks to God for his blessings in january.

  1. The gift of a first born son and five wonderful years
  2. For the joy his little personality brings to me everyday – fun, outgoing, active, creative, strong, caring, logical, problem solving (so, so like his Daddy).
  3. That God has sustained me and carried me through these five challenging and rewarding years
  4. That I get to be at home with my children – there’s no place I’d rather be – such a privilege.
  5. Watching a little boy plan and get excited about his Birthday party
  6. A husband that supports my desire to celebrate Ewan’s life with a party that suits his personality – active and fun
  7. Time to bake and decorate Ewan’s Birthday cake and other snacks
  8. A little boy who really knows how to show genuine gratitude and affection
  9. Friends that help with party clean up
  10. Friends that talk and talk – they never seem to be in a hurry
  11. Water balloons and weather to enjoy them in
  12. Katie’s squeals and giggles over bubbles
  13. The example of a friends faith in the middle of a trail
  14. God’s protection for us all while Mark was on a different Island all week
  15. For God blessing my husbands ministry
  16. One on one time with my son. Good chats and much fun at the swimming pool for a few hours
  17. A friends written words of encouragement
  18. An evening with girl friends and chocolate cake (and other equally yummy snacks)
  19. Big brown round happy eyes
  20. A bird that sings to me in morning from the fruit tree right outside my kitchen window
  21. Children that share a pillow
  22. A Sunday that was truly restful.
  23. A husband commitment to memorise scripture with me
  24. Encouragement from various sources to learn how to pray scripture – what a blessing – why I am so slow to learn?
  25. A Love and Respect Seminar – for God showing me new areas for me to grow as a wife.
  26. Potato and ham soup
  27. For Gods provision of a older, Godly man that can be trusted
  28. For children that love fruit in all shapes and forms
  29. A good Dentist in town
  30. Medical insurance that pays for half of dental treatment
  31. A quiet afternoon of playing puzzles, card games and reading books with happy children
  32. The celebration of a friends daughters first year of life – a precious, unexpected gift that was not meant to be possible.
  33. The safe return of a friend.
  34. For shelves full of books, full of words written by Godly men and women
  35. That the termites that found our shelves of books only destroyed a handful of them
  36. That the termites didn’t find the children’s baby books and photo albums that were also on the shelves
  37. That the day we discovered our infestation I had no commitments or appointments and had time to deal with it all
  38. That Mark was working from home that day (something he very rarely does) and could help me move all the books (the swarming termites were kind of grossing me out) and brain storm ideas how I should clean up the mess
  39. That that same day it was unusually cooler and I didn’t have to madly sweat while moving piles of books, clean and sort
  40. That God reminded me “Not to store up treasure on earth were moths and rust (and termites) destroy”  
  41. That the termite invasion helped me get a head start on the sorting and giving away of our books that we will need to do later in the year when we leave
  42. A fun and very late evening spent with a friend “playing” with fondant
  43. Gracious hospitality shown to us by friends – again
  44. Making and eating cupcakes with Lydia
  45. Katies new love for books and her delight in sitting on my knee while I read
  46. Finding Katie in her bedroom “reading” to herself
  47. The book Radical and it’s challenge
  48. Lunch with a friend and the five children and 5 under that played contently while we chatted
  49. Two cooler, rainy days in a row and feeling refreshed because of them.
  50. holy experience


  1. Louise, I so enjoy reading your gratitude. There are so many on your list that I can identify with. I used to pray for rainy days, especially on Christmas and New Years, so that it felt a tiny bit more like home. I get the termites, we were constantly waging warfare with them. Lysol Kitchen spray works great at killing them instantly and cleaning up the mess they leave behind. Just bought Radical and am looking forward to reading it. Have a blessed day!

  2. My copy of Radical also arrived today. Now to find time to read it!

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