Posted by: Mark | January 31, 2011

Today I thank God for …

I have been encouraged lately by two great people to be more thankful. Firstly, Louise has encouraged me with her ever growing list of things she is thankful for. Secondly, the mighty Andy Harris has been doing a doubly inspiring “Photos to be thankful for” series. So I thought I would put out a few things as they come to me that I am thankful for. When appropriate I will include photos.

The first that I want to share came to me very unexpectedly. A few days back Louise went to our book shelf to get a book to lend to someone. However, on the bottom of it she noticed two tell tale lines. It looked like we had a few termites. So the next day she decided, with a little help from me, to clear out the book shelf. I share here two photos that have been edited to make them just a little less gross:


Here you can clearly see the huge parts of this book that the termites have eaten


Some of the books were stuck to the shelf with termite whatever it is. This being one of them.

So I am thankful for termites. NO!! Although I am sure they have their use somehow somewhere – but not in my books. But what this whole episode did stir up in me is thankfulness for books. So after anyone who knows me has gotten off the floor and back on their seat I will explain.

As we took the books off the shelf we realized just how many we had. And we had tons. I do not like to read and I would say don’t read for pleasure but I do read to learn. And I have learned a lot from the plethra of books that I have bought or have been given over the years. Louise and I came here with very few books but in the few short years we have collated so many. Praise God that we are able to do this. I can recall buying a pastor friend a couple of books one day (commentaries and a few others) and probably doubling his collection. Praise God that He has blessed us with all of these books that we can now go and bless others with as we give most of them away in preparation for returning to NI.

Praise God for the many authors (most of them good) that I have read over the years – thank you for sharing parts of your life with me. Praise God for the many lives that I have explored and learned from through biographies – from Gerry Adams to Ian Paisley to Nelson Mandela to Dr Paul Brand to Dr Martin Luther King and many others. Thank you God that we have had the resources to buy these books and the ability to read them. And thank you God for using the termites to help me realize this.



  1. ah… Mark, you have begun your own gratitude list. 🙂

  2. Termites are the Filipino equivalent of our green recycling bins. I hope they do not arrive fortnightly! 🙂

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