Posted by: Louise | January 28, 2011

A Handmade Party Dress for Katie

Every year I try to make something small for the children for Christmas. This year I made Ewan and Lydia some dress-up clothes but I wasn’t sure what I could make for Katie as she is not old enough to enjoy dress-up yet. Then my friend sent me a link to a free pattern/tutorial for a little girls Party Dress. I decided it would be too difficult and take too much time and didn’t do much with it. However, as Christmas got closer I still didn’t have any ideas of what I could make her, so I decided to give the dress a go. Here’s the result:


The bodice is fully lined and I love the big bow on the back of the dress.


It has four buttons that fasten with loops (still haven’t figured out how to do buttons holes or zippers, so loops were perfect for me!)

I also like the big waist band on the front that hides the horrible mistakes I made attaching the skirt and the bodice 🙂


Katie seemed pretty happy with the dress and immediately did a wee twirl when I tried it on her. She’s such a happy baby – such a blessing to all of us.


I think I might even be sentimental about this dress and keep it incase she ever has a cute little girl to dress up for a party some day.

Free pattern and instructions can be found here.



  1. totally gorgeous!!!

  2. Where are you finding such cute fabric?! Love the dots!

  3. What size did you make Kate’s? Our girls have to be about the same size:)

    • Hi Kelly, I used the 18mth to 2 years and it fits well!

      • Thanks! I might make the next size up since it will be a few months before she can wear a summer dress in NY! It is lovely! You are so talented. Wherever do you find the time?

  4. So cute! and the dress too. I’ve also made one for mi daughter, but it’s still cold here so I hven’t any picture yet.
    Just ant to suggest you to sew the bodice in a different much easier ay (in my opinion) as shown in this post:

  5. aw louise what a beautiful dress and an absolutely gorgeous little girl!!

    Hope you all had a really special Christmas and wishing you every blessing in the new Year. Continuing to pray that all your prayers are answered especially re Katie and getting home!! Lots of Love

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