Posted by: Louise | January 26, 2011

My favourite EVER chocolate cake

Mark left for Manila for a few days and I had a long to-do-list of things I had neglected to do since before Christmas and Ewan’s birthday party. When Mark is gone, for some reason I can sometimes be quiet productive. On my to-do-list were some really inspiring things like, sort the kids toys (again), tidy our bedroom, clean the bathroom cabinet – you know jobs that I find highly motivating – NOT.

The first evening he was gone I decided rather than tackle the bathroom cabinet, I would bake a cake for my friends birthday. Some friends were coming over the following evening to celebrate, so I looked up a recipe I had seen over a year ago but had never got around to trying it.

SUPPER DUPPER YUMMY moist three layer chocolate cake and the cream cheese frosting with peanut butter was even better. Then the chocolate you pour over it all almost made me feel guilty for my calorific sins – but not quiet 🙂


Ok so the one on the website looks a lot better than mine, but I was really pleased with the taste and I think it has become my new favorite Chocolate Cake recipe.


As you can see the chocolate on top of mine was too thin, that’s what I get for trying to quickly finish it the next day while holding a slightly tired and grumpy Katie!

Happy Birthday Angel!

Thanks for being such a great and understanding friend xoxo
(On a side note, look at Katie, she can’t take her eyes off the cake – I think she might like desert even more than me!)

Recipe for the cake can be found here.


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