Posted by: Mark | January 24, 2011

Lego fun

Auntie Grace and Uncle Morty were really kind to Ewan this year and bought him some Toy Story 3 Lego. The set was bought in the US and a good friend of our, Cherry (whose husband found out recently he has cancer – please pray) brought it back from the US for us. Cherry popped around on Sunday morning and dropped it off. When Ewan opened it up his mouth opened a little and he just starred. Then came the bouncing and excited talk as the reality unfolded. I love the way he gets so openly excited. Today we spent a fair amount of time as a family putting it all together. Most of the building was done by Ewan with Lydia finding the pieces.


This is our attempt at recreating the picture on the box below

Picture 80.png.png

The details in this really impressed me and I have to admit it was a lot of fun building it with Ewan



It took two bags of lego to build that one engine above



Thank you Uncle Morty and Auntie Grace


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