Posted by: Mark | January 21, 2011

A new Ewan!!

Due to some unwanted guests we felt it wise to shave Ewan’s head. He has been asking for it for a while as I still shave my own head (I have done since I was around 20). So just yesterday I took Ewan to my barbers and we both got a number 2. Louise was not quite ready for the result as Ewan now looks way cool 🙂

Hope y’all like it.


Ewan is sitting on a board here to make him a little higher. He described the shavers going over his head as a head massage.


The result. Ewan loves it. His mum is not so sure 🙂



  1. Nice one Ewan, I’m a big fan of short hair!

  2. I always said hair was overrated! Nice 1Ewan!

  3. What have you done to my nephews gorgeous locks?!!!! Bring back the curls 🙂

  4. i like it but he had really nice “curly” hair

  5. gwapo kaayo, si Ewan! 😀 very handsome, Ewan!

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