Posted by: Louise | January 19, 2011

Zorbing – Our Dare Devil Five Year Old

One day when we were going somewhere we passed this:


Our then four year old decided that it looked “totally kul” and wanted to have a go. He was very disappointed to find out that he had to be five before he could fling his body down a steep hill. Mark, being the responsible father that he is, told Ewan that he would take him when he turned five as part of his birthday present (It costs around 5 pounds for two people to have a go). If you know Ewan, you will know that he didn’t forget that promise and a week or so before he turned five he reminded his Dad that it was almost time for him to go Zorbing (imagine lots of giggling and bouncing).

So last Saturday we all went. I held my breath, Lydia restated firmly a number of times that she DIDN’T want to have a go, Katie wondered around unaware of the drama unfolding and Mark and Ewan had a blast!

This was what Ewan decided to wear!


His life jacket, army helmet, goggles and his superman figure tucked in his jacket just finished it all off! Safety First! He makes me laugh 🙂


One very excited FIVE year old!


I thought he might be feeling nervous – but not even a tiny little bit.


(imagine loud “wow’s” and laughter as they came down the hill together)


First words “That was so much fun! Can I go again?”. Getting into the car ” That was TOTALLY AWSOME” (I was thinking, why do you sound totally American?!). Ewan described it as feeling like his head was going to pop off and was spinning round and round – yes that would be the reason why I DIDN’T have a go!


Crazy boys!



  1. they are so funny. : )

  2. love that pic!

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