Posted by: Louise | January 14, 2011

Party food and cake

Every year, Ewan and Lydia like to talk for a long time about the cake that they want me to make for their birthday. This year Ewan and I looked online at Toy Story cakes and he picked one he liked. The problem for me was there were far cuter ones online that I wanted to try to make. After a little chat with Ewan I realised he really, really wanted the one with the Alien on top. Sigh. Ok, I guess it is HIS party, so I told him I would make him the one he wanted. Fast forward a few weeks and I’m in the kitchen baking the cake and Ewan walks by and casually says “You the best mum in the world”. I give him a kiss and say “thank you”. He asked me “Want to know why your the best mum in the world? It’s because your making me the cake that I really want”. Aww he’s so sweet and makes me feel bad about being to selfish about HIS cake!!

I baked 2 9X13 pans (one yellow cake and one brownies) and a small round pan for the rock/moom thing in the middle.   


And I realised that if you put toys on top of your cakes your child really thinks your the best mum in the world!

I also tried a few new (to me) ideas for the party. What five year old doesn’t love eating things off a stick?

Marshmallows on a stick, dipped in chocolate and various toppings. Katie loved these and I fear ate way to many of them!

I fear Mark ate way to many of these
I have a feeling there are going to be requests that I make these again.


  1. oh my goodness you are amazing. you need to teach me how to do all that

  2. Hurry up get back to the uk!! you’ll have some baking to do for your nieces birthdays!! cake looks amazing! where do you learn to do stuff like that?!! lol i must have missed that day of home economics:-)

  3. How did you do the pizza on a stick? I make rolled pizza dough but I am wondering at what stage in the process you put it on the stick.

    • Hi kelly. I got the idea here: I just put the sick in as soon as they came out of the oven. I’d be interested to know your dough recipe. I like the taste of the one I used, but it stuck to the baking sheet really easily.

      • I cheat and buy frozen bread dough! I get 5 loaves for less than a buck each (and in the states thats good)! I roll my dough and topping and cook them in a long loaf, then cut to eat!

  4. june 16th..thats all im saying louise…im bookin ya now

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