Posted by: Louise | January 12, 2011

Ewan’s 5th Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated Ewan’s 5th year of life with a party for him and his friends. We played games and ate snacks at the international school were there is lots of room to run around with 25 little kids. We had a loose “theme” of Toy Story.


What better way to pass the time while waiting for you guests to arrive than to swing large sticks at each other! He is such a boy!


The party started with a few races

IMG_5271.JPG.png IMG_5277.JPG.png

(I’m sure the day is coming when he won’t be so happy to hold a girls hand!!)

Then we had a scavenger hunt for the little army men that are in Toy Story and then Ewan’s favourite – water balloons.


Mark kindly agreed to be “Emperor Zurg” (look doesn’t he look thrilled with my idea!)


and this was the result 🙂


The party was finished off with a slip and slide, which is obviously most fun when done with your Dad!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY EWAN! What a fun five years we’ve had!




  1. That looks like so much fun! Happy Birthday Ewan!

  2. wished i could have ben there : (

  3. Louise, can you come and organise my next birthday please…Ewan’s birthday looks so so so much fun. J

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