Posted by: Louise | January 3, 2011

I don’t see, unless I look – continuing to count

“In the naming that which is right before me, that which I’d otherwise miss, the invisible become visible”.   Ann VoskampOne Thousand Gifts – A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

  1. The smell of freshly baked bread
  2. A homemade Chicken Pot Pie to share with friends
  3. The love that my sisters show to my children, even when they are far away
  4. The unusual gift of three children napping at the same time and the quiet moments that follow
  5. A child’s nervous excitement before a Christmas play
  6. For a son that performed so well, in front of such a large crowd
  7. That he takes what we see as so different from “our culture” in his stride
  8. Christmas parties and time to chat with friends
  9. Christmas packages arriving in the post
  10. That Katie coped so well with all the Christmas parties – new people and places.
  11. School holidays and more time with Ewan at home
  12. A beautiful Christmas Cantata to watch with Ewan
  13. A babies smiling face and out stretched arms when I walk into the room
  14. Time to bake
  15. A store that stocks delightful little Christmasy baking things that I’m way too happy about
  16. My oven and ingredients to bake with
  17. A sisters thoughtful, thoughtful gift that arrived on Christmas eve.
  18. A husband who schemed and planned to surprise me with a Kindle!
  19. New clothes from my mummy.
  20. Two days in a hotel over Christmas – a wonderful gift
  21. Air conditioning to sleep in two nights in a row
  22. A big bed to share with my husband and children
  23. The excitement of a little girl who knows she gets to share the big bed with her mummy.
  24. A swimming pool to jump and splash in
  25. A daughter that calls “look at me mummy” so proud that she can put her head under water
  26. Sand to play with and the imagination of two children that never ceases to amaze me
  27. A baby’s huge smile when she sees the water
  28. A baby that loves to stretch out her arms to be held by her daddy
  29. Grapes, cream cheese, jarred salsa, imported crisps, yogurt – special christmas treats not normally enjoyed.
  30. instantly delivering a book to my kindle – I still can’t quite believe how easy it is.
  31. A little boy who keeps coming back with a new reason to say thank you for the Christmas gift I made him – So nice to be appreciated genuinely and a reminder to me to keep being thankful to the One who gives me ALL things
  32. Christmas movies watched while cuddling children
  33. Chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting mixed, rolled and covered in chocolate
  34. A husband that worked hard all Christmas day to make it supper fun for children, while I lay in bed sick
  35. Skyping with family on Christmas and Boxing day. So nice to actually see everyone’s face.
  36. Acting out the Christmas story with children so excited.
  37. The sound of legos being played with contently.
  38. Hard, belly shaking, tear producing laughter with friends.
  39. Children’s excitement over Daddy being off work and their plans of how they can use every moment of his time at home.
  40. Time to play card games as a family
  41. A good book interrupted by a silly game of hide and seek
  42. A child’s obvious hiding place and her inability to stop giggling
  43. The gift of an hour to read and think alone, while listening to children and father laugh and giggle in the next room
  44. A husbands encouragement to keep counting.
  45. Receiving a quick apology.
  46. A fathers pretend distress at being beat by his 3 and 4 year old at Uno
  47. A husbands balanced view of the Bible and quick mind that helps me maintain a accurate perspective.
  48. A husband that is logical – God’s perfect balance for my illogical mind!
  49. That I can respect and seek my husband advice and perspective
  50. Glossy pages of memories past.
  51. A messy beach after an hours baking with daughter and husband
  52. A baby whose second word is “yummy”, her word for food.
  53. Smell of onions sizzling – we have food and enough to share.
  54. Our home to hoist a New years Eve Party in
  55. A fathers that enters fully into the moments in front of him, and his encouragement to me to put down the drying cloth and do the same
  56. Uno cards scattered over the kitchen table
  57. Children giggling together instead of sleeping – I’m so glad they are such good friends
  58. A drop in temperature – a welcome break from intense heat.
  59. Needing to wear long trousers, a cardigan and socks
  60. A three year olds prayer “tank you God for playing Uno and always beating Daddy”, followed by a cheeky smile.
  61. An evening walk with family on a cool day
  62. Feeling a strong cool wind and getting goose bumps.
  63. A pile of muddy shoes after a walk around streets near our home – a sign that rain has come.
  64. A babies giggle in anticipation of the tickle
  65. A three year olds joyful songs
  66. A hearty beef stew made by Mark
  67. The smell of stew cooking in a slow cooker filling the house all day
  68. Left over stew – always better the second day.
  69. Ann Voskamp’s book – MUCH to think and pray about.
  70. Fresh pomello
  71. holy experience


  1. I so intimately *know* so many of your list this week that I can’t even pick out one or two as favorites. So many on your list experienced and understood deeply by one who is missing part of her heart….cause it is still over there. I am glad you had a blessed Christmas even though you were not feeling well. {hugs} to you my dear friend.
    So glad you are able to finally read Ann’s book. It is a lot to wrap one’s brain around isn’t it?

  2. Could you email us a pomello?!

  3. I love your list and your heart…Ann’s book is amazing, one I will probably read more than once to fully digest it’s wonder. Happy New Year!

  4. […] lately by two great people to be more thankful. Firstly, Louise has encouraged me with her ever growing list of things she is thankful for. Secondly, the mighty Andy Harris has been doing a doubly inspiring […]

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