Posted by: Mark | December 31, 2010

Filipino Ingenuity

One of the things I have come to love and respect in filipinos is their inventiveness and ingenuity when it comes to fixing, reusing or creating things. It seems there is no such thing as junk here as many different things can be recycled. Louise has mentioned before people coming to our gate playing tin cans as drums or home made guitars which actually have some semblance of tune to them. We also have had a carpenter work for us here and make wonderful kitchen cabinets from a sketch done by me and using around 4 hand tools. Or our friend who teaches PE at the school who created a bowling lesson for kids using ice tea plastic bottles from the recycling.

However, one of the things I love to see is the car below that I pass often. What do you do when you want a Porsche but can’t afford one. In the west we would probably buy the baseball cap, visit the car shows, record top gear and dream. Here someone has taken Germany’s best VW Bug and with a bend here and there made a decent effort of it. Go the Philippines!!

Sorry for the photo quality they were taken from my phone while walking towards the end of the day

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