Posted by: Mark | December 29, 2010

Praise God for good dentists (and health insurance)

One thing Louise and I are so thankful for here is the quality of dental care, however, as I attended an NHS dentist back home I am not as thankful for the price as my American colleagues πŸ™‚ Our dentist here is a lovely Chinese lady who I think is a kids dentist (at least that is why I think all the helpers wear Snoopy aprons) but is more than willing to fix adult teeth as well. The neatest thing about her practice is the TV screen in the ceiling which make for much happier clients. The most recent member of our family to visit her was Ewan.

Unfortunately he has inherited my awful teeth and was in need of some repairs. The dentist here gives him a drug that makes him go drowsy but not go asleep so he is awake through it all and afterwards he is very funny for around 1-2 hours as he acts like he is very drunk and can’t even walk. While he was in the chair he had one lady holding his head and keeping his mouth open with a tool that worked like inverted scissors. Another lady who was doing the sucking out tool, UV light tool, and handing the dentist other stuff. A lady who was getting the mixes ready and helping where needed. And of course the dentist. How many people go to the dentist and have 4 people working on them at once?!?

The visit seems to have left an impression on Ewan who is now voluntarily brushing his teeth much more frequently and was actually turning down sugar for a while πŸ™‚


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