Posted by: Mark | December 27, 2010

Our Christmas

While our friends and family back home (Northern Ireland) were enjoyed their white Christmas eating turkey, stuffing and potatoes things were a little different this side of the world. Louise and I have made it a habit the last few years to go away over Christmas day and enjoy a break with the kids. In the past we have went to the beach on Christmas afternoon and snacked on barbecue chicken and rice and stayed the night and returned on boxing day afternoon via McDonalds. However, this year we spotted a pretty decent offer that would allow us to spend two nights in a nice hotel in town – it also helped that a very kind person offered to pay for it for us:). So we booked onto that deal and on Christmas Eve we headed on down to the hotel. On the way we stopped for lunch in a Japanese fast food joint which, although not really Christmassy, the fried rice we shared was lovely.

To tell the rest of the story I have a few pictures:


When we arrived Louise couldn’t resist the opportunity to pose for a picture!!


As the waiting went on Ewan couldn’t resist tickling his sister


And then when Katie went for the tree with obvious destructive intentions we were glad when they said they were ready to take us to our room šŸ™‚


Ewan was more than glad for the free ride


Our room was lovely and had a great child friendly balcony which looked over the Hotel grounds


This picture was taken from our balcony






One of the kids favourite things to do at the hotel (or cabin as Lydia called it) was to swim. We spent a lot of time in the pool. Ewan loved to snorkle around the pool as well. Ewan especially perfected this dolphin like swimming technique!! Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of pictures of Katie as when there are 3 kids and water picture taking becomes that little bit harder. Most of the pictures were taken while Katie and one adult slept.


I put this photo in as it made both Louise and I laugh when we seen it



Both Lydia and Katie were really brave and went right under the water. Got to love that big belly on our wee Katie šŸ™‚

On the way home we again stopped in McD’s this year. Compare what we ate to what you guys ate for your boxing day dinner.


Ewan had spaghetti and sauce


Lydia a little more traditional with a Chicken burger – although she had fried sea food noodles for breakfast


Katie had rice and gravy


Louise had a small fries


I actually had nothing due to my huge breakfast of bacon, beans, sausage, other stuff and an omelette with the works. However, when the kids got some ice cream resistance was futile šŸ™‚


When we got home Ewan really wanted to use one of his Christmas presents. Louise and I bought him an archeological digging kit thing. Basically a big rock with Tyrannosaurus bones in it. Ewan used the chisel and hammer to get the bones. Lydia cleaned then with a brush and we all helped (mainly me) assemble them. It was fun and resulted in the following:


Meanwhile Katie enjoyed her new found passion of cream cheese. Louise put it on the cracker and she licked it off and gave Louise the cracker back. Eventually Lydia was just giving it to her by the spoon!!


All in all we had a great Christmas together as a family – our first as a family of 5. This might be our last one in the tropics for a while so for the kids (and for us as this was our seventh here) next year, DV, will be a strange experience!!



  1. Gorgeous pics of a GORGEOUS family. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share all your wonderful experiences with us back home. God bless the 5 of you over this your 1st CHRISTmas together. Sending you all MUCH love. M xo

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