Posted by: Louise | December 13, 2010

Countinuing to Count my blessings

I”m continuing to try to pause and be thankful for the little blessings everyday.

  1. For a father and son’s heart to heart
  2. a son that spontaneously saying he had a “great chat” with his Dad the next day
  3. The advent season
  4. The joy that Christmas decorations bring to little (and big) people
  5. A husband that willingly joins in the Christmas decorating fun, even when it’s not his favourite thing to do!
  6. For Christmas music and little children that spontaneously dance to it
  7. The sparkle of Christmas lights in a babies eyes
  8. Cubby little fingers that can’t resist touching bright lights
  9. Children being crazy and funny at lunch time
  10. Children playing contently with a felt advent calendar
  11. The satisfaction at the end of a pile of mending
  12. A dad that knows how to wrestle with his boy and cuddle with his girls
  13. Long locks of blonde hair that bounce as she walks along
  14. Scented candles
  15. A small, soft hand that slips itself into mine
  16. A chubby belly to blow raspberries on
  17. A little boys T-shirt with chocolate ice-cream stains – memories of a fun treat
  18. Homemade chili and corn bread
  19. Pizza shared with friends
  20. Little hands playing with a paper nativity scene with great excitement and imagination!
  21. A husband that fixed what I had broken and the little boy that never fails to get excited when Daddy gets out his toolbox.
  22. A husband that looks after me when I don’t feel well
  23. An encouraging email from a friend far away
  24. That God has His hand on my sisters frail body
  25. Expert medical help for a sick sister
  26. A humble servant hearted house helper that takes the strain for me so often and gently interacts with my children
  27. Fresh fruit and vegetables from the market
  28. Mango shakes
  29. Christmas Carols playing loudly in the grocery shop that distract me from two tired children and crazy pre-Christmas busyness and helps me think about Immanuel.
  30. A son who seems to be really understanding the reason for the season
  31. My sewing machine
  32. Time to sew and create
  33. Silver tinsel against blonde hair
  34. Friends that pray
  35. The opportunity to practice hospitality
  36. That it is better to give than receive
  37. Cuddles with my girls early in the morning
  38. Christmas cards with thoughtful notes from people at home.
  39. A husband that can still make me laugh.
holy experience


  1. 72 is my favorite… I, we, miss them tremendously!!!!
    and 83 is wonderful. I am so thankful for my husband’s sense of humor too, and he knows just when to cut through worry, anxiety, anger etc. with his quick wit…. it almost always completely diffuses the situation and/or my attitude. 🙂

  2. We’re glad that you are still enjoying the sewing machine. Will you need to find a good new home for it before you come home next year?

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