Posted by: Louise | December 1, 2010

Christmas Activities for Kids – A few links

Last year Mark and I decided we needed to be purposeful about making sure our kids knew that Christmas was about Christ, not gifts etc. So below are some of the things that we did last year to help focus us on Christ and we plan, God willing, to do them again this year.

We made a link chain with 25 links.

link chain.png

Starting on Dec 1 we took a link off the chain every morning and read that scripture and did the activity written on the inside. Most of the ideas came from this great site (click here). We adjusted her ideas to suit us, including a “catch up and review day” every week (I like to be realistic! I’m not going to get to craft/baking activities everyday for 25 days 🙂 ). You can download a schedule of what we are going to do here.

Our kids love playing with this nativity scene made of paper – free printables here


These printable puzzles were played with a fair bit. And I like these little printable mini books

Here are two ideas that we haven’t done, but look good.

This site has a different theme for each week of advent, the theme for the first week is Hope. You can find it here.

The second idea is called The Jesse Tree Advent Devotional Book and it takes you from Genesis showing you were the Messiah is foretold. It looks really great – Mark and I have saved it for a few years time, when are kids are older.

What do you do to keep Christ at the centre of your Christmas? I love new ideas!


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