Posted by: Louise | November 29, 2010

Counting my blessings – Literally

A few months ago, when studying the book of Colossians (using that Inductive Bible Study approach) I noticed the number of times the phrase “with thankfulness” came up. In my pride I thought, “I think I’m a pretty content and thankful person”. HA! It didn’t take long for God to show me my true heart through a few words from an honest friend. I had to swallow my pride and repent. I had to ask God to give me a thankful heart and to show me how that looks in day to day life. Not long after that God showed me a way to start the process from transforming my ingratitude into thankfulness and praise.

Ann Voskamp is a mother of six/writer/blogger who God is using to help many women have a heart of thankfullness. She encourages us to literally count and write our blessings – 1000 of them to be exact. You can read more about it here. She has called it the “Gratitude Community”.

holy experience

So this is my attempt to start counting my blessings. To thank instead of complain. To see joy in all circumstances. To counteract discontentment with gratitude. Despite how many blessings I end up counting, I’m hoping that the discipline of pausing to notice and write down my blessings will turn into an habit. I’m hoping it will help me to pray and live with a genuinely thankful heart. That I will learn how to truly be a person that “Let’s my life overflow with thanksgiving for all he has done.” Col 2:7b. Want to join me?

  1. For God challenging me to be more thankful and not allowing me to settle for discontentment and ingratitude
  2. Hearing my 3 and 4 year old giggle together as they play outside.
  3. That the sweet sound of their laughter fills my ears often
  4. Thank You God for each of my children
  5. A husband who takes the time to kiss each one of us before he leaves for his busy day – Everyday.
  6. For sick children – I get more time to cuddle, hold and rock my three normally active little people.
  7. For access to a good doctor, a trusted friend’s husband
  8. For access to affordable medicine
  9. For a God that heals.
  10. That my children ask that I pray for God to heal them
  11. My husband who sent me a link to a love song and tells me He means every word – and that he has helped me learn that I can believe that he means it (
  12. That we live in a country where the sun shines everyday
  13. A playground in a safe place where my children can play away from cultural stress.
  14. For three happy children slashing and laughing the the bath together.
  15. That we have a bath in our house (not common here)
  16. For running water
  17. A 3 year olds servant heart
  18. For a caring big sister and protective big brother for our new baby
  19. For good internet access that helps me stay connected with my family
  20. For being able to download and listen to a Biblical and very challenging sermon.
  21. That God is showing me what it means to be adopted into His family through our family adopting a Katie.
  22. For time to pray with a wise, older missionary and mother
  23. Siblings walking along hand in hand
  24. An evening out with yummy food
  25. A husband that appreciates my efforts to cook nutritious food
  26. For my children’s joy over tiny oranges
  27. For the combination of face paints and a four year olds imagination
  28. Time to talk with a good friend
  29. A sweet playmate for my children
  30. A library full of good books
  31. A hard working husband that shows my children the value of work
  32. A group of like minded ladies to study the Bible with.
  33. That the ladies I study the Bible with are honest and vulnerable.
  34. How God can speak so clearly through his word to challenge a group of wives and mothers.
  35. A Pastor that preaches the word faithfully
  36. Ladies that look after our children to allow us to enjoy church without distraction
  37. A four year olds contagious excitement when playing board games
  38. Safe arrival of two little babies for my friends
  39. For news that a friend is expecting a precious gift from God
  40. For fridge full of food
  41. Wardrobes full of clothes
  42. A dry home in the middle of heavy rain
  43. A date night!
  44. A fan to cool in the heat of the day


  1. Praise the LORD!!!! Glad you decided to jump in!!!! By the way, I am currently reading her book for review on my blog. I am so wanting to buy a case of them and mail them to everyone I know! It is THAT good.
    Louise, I met Ann at the Relevant Conference for Christian women bloggers. Take time to find her keynote address on her website and listen to it. God is really using her in so many ways. Did you get her Jesse Tree Advent devotional? I know you and your kids would love it!
    As for your list my dear Louise, I all most cried reading it. It brought an ache to my heart. My life would have been so much more different over there had I discovered and gotten involved with the Gratitude Community by listing and the SIL/FAD community when we first arrived. I would have understood cultural stress more and its affects on me because I would have been spending time with people who were aware of it and believe it exists. (not swept under the rug and told i just wasn’t ‘spiritual’ enough.) I am praising the LORD and thanking him with you as I read you list for I truly ‘get’ many of them having lived them. hugs to you my sweet friend.

  2. glad to see you linked up!

  3. […] I”m continuing to try to pause and be thankful for the little blessings everyday. […]

  4. […] morning I was happy to see that my friend Louise had joined in the counting of the multitudes of gifts we count on Mondays over at the Gratitude […]

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