Posted by: Mark | November 24, 2010

A video that made me cry

I am going to write a few things below but if you don’t want to read what I write please please please take the time to watch this video of a corageous 18 year old who has a heart for her home country of North Korea. You can watch or download it on the Lausanne site or watch it on youtube below.

A few weeks or so I read this blog post from a guy called Michael Oh as he recounted a talk he had just heard at the Lausanne Congress in South Africa. I immediately tried to find the video of the talk but came up empty. I then proceeded to read a number of different blog posts of other people at the Congress who also talked of this young lass. At least one of them talked of how she was what was in their memory even though that evening a celebration of the life of the Evangelical colossus, Billy Graham, was also on the agenda. Again I looked for the video and came up empty. However just this morning I read this blog post which had the video embedded and the link to it on the Lausanne site. I of course watched it straight away. This little lass is a blessing and a challenge to me. Here is a quote from the blog I read this morning:

In the midst of so many Christian leaders gathered from around the world, it is so like God to use someone, whom some would consider weak and insignificant, to display his glory.

The bible encourages young people to be an example in their youth in faith, love, purity word and deed. This is my prayer for my three children every night. I of course do not pray for them to go through the suffering that this girl has went through but very much pray for them to have an attitude like Kyung Ju Song in whatever life dishes out. I do not just desire it for my children but pray that God can transform my life to the point that my heart breaks for His created people around the world in the same way her does.

As I watched this video I cried. It could be due to the fact that I don’t feel well lately and therefore am ill but I don’t think it was. I think I cried because I seen something of the beauty of Jesus in this girl. I think I cried not because of the sadness and tragedy which has been in her short life but of the beauty of her spirit through these circumstances. I think I cried because of the purity of her vision and passion for her people. And I think I cried because of the lack of this in my own life.

Join me in praying for Kyung Ju Song that she will see her vision fulfilled for the glory of God in North Korea. Lets pray also that we would all give our lives in the same way to the glory of the one and only true God and store up treasure with Him in heaven.



  1. great testimoney… will be praying

  2. Mark:

    I had read about this testimony in several magazines and on some blogs and had searched and searched the internet for it. Thank you so much for sharing the link! I too cried (am crying). May God do a gracious work in North Korea.

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